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It's usually tough to ask to inspect the roof due to high buildings, but our professional team has made it easy. Stripes Roofing is the best roofing company in Mclean Va because we will not only do a human inspection of your home but will also use our high-tech drone cameras to check completely through the nukes and corners of your roof. In the inspection process, we spot all the damaged parts of roofs and detect their reasons. Our team holds detailed sessions with customers and presents highly applicable solutions for your roof.

Replacing or installing a new roof in McLean, Virginia, is a highly daunting task. Stripes Roofing has made this process much easier and smoother for our valued customers by presenting a variety of options and offering guaranteed and long-lasting services. If your roof is facing leakage and requires sudden repair, you can contact Stripes Roofing for a quick inspection and instant repair. We have great experience in McLean, VA, and we understand that the look of your commercial buildings is a key factor in promoting your business. We present customer-friendly options with different colors and different roofing standards under different budget domains.

roofing mclean va

Roof Repair Mclean Va

Call Stripes Roofing to repair your roof the next time severe weather causes damage. We'll restore your roof as soon as possible with our top-notch residential roofing services, leaving it in better condition than when we discovered it. When the wind rips shingles from your roof or ice dams force water into your attic, you can't wait to make the necessary repairs. That's where Stripes Roofing comes in. If you have a leaky roof, we can perform emergency taping to secure your home and prevent further damage.

As a team, we aim to provide quality Roof Repair in Mclean Va, and we ensure that the work done by our team will be much long-lasting and durable. Stripes Roofing considers no work so small or large because, as a team delivering the best services for any range of work is our first and foremost preference. So if you suspect any kind of leakage or damage to your roof, contact us, and we will instantly be on your doorstep for your assistance.

Roof Replacement Mclean Va

When you think about replacing the roof, the first thing you should consider is rectifying the previous faulty installations. You should select a roof that is highly resistant against the weather of your surroundings. You should select the coloring schemes and roofing styles that make your commercial or residential building prominent. Stripes roofing covers all these things, as we provide highly durable roofing options with shining coloring schemes. If your home's roof is in the worst condition, replacing the roof would be a much better and long-lasting solution than wasting a lot of money and time on repairing the roof.

Our team takes every possible measure to clear previous faults and start from the beginning. Our invigilating team inspects the whole process and gives every possible detail to the customers for their satisfaction. We understand that the living standard in Mclean is quite costly, so we support our customers by providing easy finance plans and linking them with insurance policies. We offer quality roofing services at a comprehensive level, and winning customers' trust is our top priority.


The Roofing Solutions We Offer

If you are looking for quality roof, then the choice is clear - Stripes Roofing offers GAF and TPO roofs that will give your home and commercial property both value, protection and longevity.


The project manager and the crew were very professional. Jim walked us through and explained the process; every progress was communicated to us every day. You could tell that the contractors were experienced and worked efficiently while strictly following the timeline.

My parents were looking for a reliable roof replacement compnay to replace a 40-year-old roof. We came across Yelp's listing and found Stripe Roofing. They say, first impressions are the most lasting, and it's true! During our initial in-home consultation with Markko, we definitely felt they are the right company to work for us. My parents were extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Stripe Roofing has done a fantastic job on our commercial buildings since 2017 and introduced us to innovative solutions that helped us save money while getting desired results without draining our money. Great work and service 101% pleasure to work with. The best roofing contractor in Virginia.

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