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If you live in North Virginia and have the pleasure of enjoying all 4 weather seasons throughout the year, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and safe home, a big part of that is having a roof installed properly, it is one fundamental job when it comes to building a structure, not doing this properly can lead not only to spending more money in the future and bad aesthetic but also can have an impact on your family’s well being.You need to choose your constructor carefully, that is when our experience, top-quality materials, and skilled specialists are available for you.

Our years of experience are not limited to residential homes ,we also offer roof installation for commercial properties. We are committed to deliver first class service, in every aspect of our work. From outstanding customer assistance, quality materials and experienced and certified craftsmanship. Our mission is to give you peace of mind when it comes to any type of roof job. From new installations, to repairs and roof replacements, so you can enjoy a comfortable and durable property for years to come.


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Residential, Commercial, and Industrial roofing is our specialty, and no other roofing company can provide the level of expertise we have. We provide absolute results and use only high-quality products that offer a lifetime warranty. Book a schedule for more info.

Roofing contractor Northern Va

Emergency Roof Repair Service

Having a home also comes with maintenance and repairs, you need to constantly verify that all of your property components are working properly, check for any parts that have been worn down, etc. When it comes to your roof, you need to verify that there are no torn or missing shingles, how long your roof is, and look for mold or moss, among many others. Doing this on time can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

That is why Stripes Roofing services offer you the best option when it comes to Roofing repair, we take care of upcoming roof repairs to avoid bigger damage over time. Our team of certified experts offers quality work while repairing your roof needs so you can have peace of mind, while also providing cost-effective prices.

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northern virginia roofing contractor

Roof Replacement Contractors

There comes a time when a roof replacement is necessary, maybe a small repair that went overlooked within time, or your current roof has reached its lifespan. Having your roof replaced is certainly an investment and that is why you need to trust this work to an experienced professional, in order to protect your comfort, your house structure, and your pocket.

Here at Stripes Roofing Services, we offer roof replacement services, so if that time has arrived for your home’s roof we are here to provide quality and efficiency, with over 16 years of experience, we make sure we adjust to your needs so you can have a safer, more strong roof, that will last you years to come.

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The project manager and the crew were very professional. Jim walked us through and explained the process; every progress was communicated to us every day. You could tell that the contractors were experienced and worked efficiently while strictly following the timeline.

My parents were looking for a reliable roof replacement company in Northern VA to replace a 40-year-old roof. We came across Yelp's listing and found Stripe Roofing. They say, first impressions are the most lasting, and it's true! During our initial in-home consultation with Mark, we definitely felt they are the right company to work for us. My parents were extremely satisfied with the outcome. Everything was done efficiently and laid out transparently. Highly recommend.

Stripe Roofing has done a fantastic job on our commercial buildings since 2017 and introduced us to innovative solutions that helped us save money while getting desired results without draining our money. Great work and service 101% pleasure to work with. The best roofing contractor in Virginia.

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