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At Stripe Roofing we strive to do everything right and eliminate any mistakes. Our first step is inspecting your roof to get the right idea of the problem and helps us plan the solutions. This step is followed by taking measurements to ensure everything is accurate. The measurements are crucial when purchasing the material for the work and ensuring everything fits accordingly. After getting all the right material, we start our work, and here is where we really lay down the marker. We use all the tips, tricks, and skills we have accumulated over the years to ensure everything fits perfectly. Also, we do all this according to the roofing industry's best practices to ensure your decking, shingles, and more are installed correctly.

Above all, we are professional roofing contractor in Ashburn va with a great team of professionals. They have all the required training and don't just rely on tribal information. That's exactly what you want—someone who knows the right moves for your roof's small and big concerns. Moreover, the number of our experts per team varies with the size of the project on our hands. If your house is big, we send more experts so that we can finish in good time. Our big team ensures that we serve clients promptly and don't keep them waiting for our services. Therefore, regardless of the size of your roofing project, we guarantee you a quick return to your home and normal schedule.

Roof Repair Ashburn Va

Roof Repair Ashburn Va

If you're worried about roof leaks and expensive repairs, you're not alone. Hiring the wrong roofing contractor can be a headache. It is costly in the long run and denies you the opportunity to enjoy your time at home. Therefore, it's always good to be a step ahead and watch out for signs of wear and tear on your roof. One way of knowing whether your roof requires a repair is if it's less than ten years old and leaking. If your house is not in an area with extreme weather conditions, such a problem could only be caused by poor installations.

The good news is that most roofs are designed to serve you for fifteen to twenty years. Therefore, with the best roof repair services in Ashburn, VA, your roof still has many more years to serve you. However, if your roof has served you for more than fifteen years, the leak could be a result of aging and a gradual wearing due to elements. In such a case, roof replacement services are the recommended option for your troubles. A roof repair will only serve as a short-term fix, and the problem could reoccur in the short term.

However, in some instances, your house could require roof replacement services, even if the last installation was done recently. This happens when you call in a roofer who totally botches the operation to the extent that a repair could almost cost as much as a replacement. These are some of the tips that we give our clients to ensure they make informed decisions on what's best for them. Choose right, and get in the driving seat of your home's maintenance and protection.

Roof Replacement Ashburn Va

Roof Replacement Ashburn Va

If you're like most homeowners, you don't think much about your roof until there's a problem. But taking care of your roof is important to protecting your home. The move retains the property's value and gives you and your family the peace of mind and comfort you deserve. For one, a properly installed roof gives you at least fifteen years of excellent service. Secondly, even if you don't plan to stay there for long, a new roof is more marketable to buyers. Therefore, before you list that house for sale, it's a good idea to seek roof replacement services in Ashburn, VA.

At Stripes Roofing, we advise you to regularly check your roof as it's the answer to safeguarding your investment. It reveals any potential problem areas on your roof and allows you the time to find a solution before the situation worsens. Further, Stripes Roofing provides inspection services and comprehensive roof replacement services designed to withstand extreme elements for the long term anywhere in Arlington Va or Dulles Va.

Don't allow stagnant water to slowly destroy your roof, or watch as your roof slowly falls apart. Get in touch with us and let us help replace your roof before the damage gets to the interior of your home.


I met them through a workmate's referral after they repaired her roof, and I'm really happy with the work they did on my roof. Many roofing companies spend hours of their time knocking on doors for clients, but I think great work speaks for itself. That's exactly what Stripes Roofing does. Keep it up!

I noticed a leak in my chimney, and two weeks later, it was only getting worse. I called Stripes Roofing to inspect my roof, and they recommended roof repair as the solution. They promptly repaired the roof and were professional in their work. If you're looking for roofing solutions, they are your guys.

Everything good you want in a roofer; dedicated, communicative, and brutally honest for your own good. They came into my home, inspected my roof, and informed me of my broken shingles, worn-out granules, and poorly installed skylight. It seemed like a lot of work, but their team proved capable of handling the task. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new roof or repairs!

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