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We bring the best roofing skills and techniques nurtured through our vast experience and thousands of hours of training. We have over ten years of experience in Centreville Va which has equipped us with the tools and methods to deal with the most common roofing problems in the area. If you're asking how we conduct our training, then look no further than our licenses. The licenses have to be renewed, with the requirement being that the contractor undertakes short training courses to update the roofing methods. Without such licenses, quality will suffer, and the repaired roofs could leak sooner or later.

Moreover, we have diligent, thorough, and committed experts. We understand that all the licenses, permits, and quality materials mean nothing without the work. Therefore, whether we're handling roofing repairs or installations, we first conduct extensive inspections. The goal of the check is to ensure all the compromised areas of the roof are noted and that the appropriate replacement material is bought. Whenever we encounter rotten wood or find huge gaps within the decks, we first focus on replacing wood to ensure that your roof's foundation is solid enough to last you several years after the repair or replacement. We patiently follow these steps and understand that when it comes to roofing, excellence is the only way to give you peace.

Roof Repair Centreville Va

Roof Repair Centreville Va

Roof leaks can be a menace, especially since they can strike anytime. And while there are roofing problems you can fix by yourself, some require the help of professionals. An example of the former includes clogged or defective gutters that can cause water to stall in the system leading to the rotting of the eaves. This can be quickly fixed by checking and clearing your gutters every once in a while. The exercise helps remove leaves, broken parts, and debris. Over the years, our experience doing roof repairs in Centreville Va, has shown us that leaks are more likely to be found near the chimney, at skylights, in valleys, around gutters, and close to vents and pipes. So when inspecting your roof, pay extra attention to the above-listed points to identify any potential problem areas.

However, while fixing some of these minor issues is possible, dealing with more complicated issues, such as major cracks, poor installation, and blistering, requires professional attention. At Stripes Roofing, we offer all that and more. We save you from the trouble that arises from poorly installed roofs, the damage caused by the effects of aging, and the long-term recurrent costs of doing repeat repairs. When you call us, rest assured that we'll solve all your concerns and give you the peace of mind you deserve. People say that roofing repairs are only short-term fixes, but at Stripes Roofing Repairs, we know that a good repair will give you all the comfort you need.

Roof Replacement Centreville Va

Roof Replacement Centreville Va

When it comes to roof replacement services in Centreville Va, you want to get it right the first time. Those who've passed through the hands of hit-and-run contractors will confess to the suffering they've been subjected to. We have seen new roofs being replaced less than three months after installation, so don't fall into the same trap. At Stripes Roofing, we lean on our expertise, quality materials, and over ten years of experience to eliminate any bad past roofing experiences you may have. We thoroughly inspect your roof, look for every point of weakness and provide a comprehensive report. Unlike other companies that would rather finish the job quickly and collect the check, our focus is providing quality roof replacement services. Therefore, expect honest assessment and top-of-the-range services anywhere at Reston Va.

We check the layers below your roof for any rot and will not hesitate to inform you of any changes or items to be bought. It is this diligent workmanship and a high level of attention to detail that have endeared us to the Centreville population. Also, we don't leave any problems that come with new installations. So don't expect issues such as holes, openings, exposed nails, damaged rafters, and nail penetration to the plywood, amongst other things. You won't have to worry about cleaning up after the exercise, either. We have a cleanup guy through the process to ensure your home looks neat after the installation.


I wanted a roof replacement, and after comparing four quotes, decided to go with Stripes Roofing. Their good reviews and great prices were enough to sway me. They kept me in the loop, gave me suggestions for better options on the type of material to use, and did an excellent job.

I've had two roofs replaced, one for my parent's house and the other for my home. One thing I have learned is to always ask for the roofing permit and check the customer reviews. I did that for Stripes Roofing, and thankfully, they delivered. They went above and beyond to ensure everything looked perfect!

I hired their services and was delighted with the outstanding work they did on my roof. Their communication was smooth throughout the process, and they took no shortcuts. After seeing my neighbor's struggles with repairing a roof leak, I was grateful for Stripe's prompt and timely solution.

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