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Here in Northern Virginia, one has to know the most common types of roof damage so as to know the right maintenance measures to take. The list consists mainly of weather elements like winds and storms, ice and snow, and sunlight and heat. However, it's interesting to note that the most significant causes of roof damage are all man-made; improper installation and a lack of proper maintenance. Therefore, getting the right contractor for your roofing needs could just be the answer to solving all your concerns.

We cover all your essential roofing needs and answer all your questions on broken shingles, leaks, clogged or broken gutters, and even mold growth. However, what really sets us apart is our service delivery and the quality of our materials. We give information on the different roofing needs for commercial and residential buildings and the factors that determine roof selection. We have suitable options to fit your budget, aesthetic expectations, and climate. We tell you why composite shakes have quickly become popular and the material to use for a more energy-efficient option. If your roof needs a fiberglass shingle, our estimate will inform you how many layers you'll need underneath.

Roof Repair Falls Church Va

Roof Repair Falls Church Va

In our "Little city" rich in history, classy restaurants, and sites dating back to the 1600s, Stripes Roofing remains your most reliable roofing repair option in Falls Church. We don't let your house look or feel out of place, and because you have to go to work all week long, we understand that you need someone to keep your roof in good condition. After all, your roof protects your family and your pricey possessions.

We don't compromise on quality; we bring only the best certified roof contractors to your location. They are licensed and insured and come with the latest skills and training. Most importantly, they understand the challenges presented by the weather elements in Falls Church. Therefore, they come prepared to handle sagged roofs, rusted metal roofing, mold growth, cracked shingles, and water damage. If you need roofing repair services anywhere at Vienna Va or Herndon Va, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're highly experienced and will be able to get your roof back to top shape in no time.

Roof Replacement falls church Va

Roof Replacement Falls Church Va

Roof replacement gives a higher return on investment. This is because roof replacement ensures durability and quality for many more years, unlike repairs which can be short-term fixes. As a result, you could find yourself turning to another repair later on. Secondly, the comfort that comes with roof replacement is unmatched. The process means you don't have to worry about where or when the next leak will come from. You enjoy your time at home and watch your family wake up every morning with a smile on their faces.

Only a proper roof replacement will ensure that your house stays warm during the cold months and cool in the hot summers. Consequently, it will help you save on energy costs. Lastly, it's always nice when your house is among the better-looking homes in your neighborhood, and a roof is one of the bigger exterior parts of your house. It makes you proud of your house, and in case you want to move it on, a new roof helps boost its value. Therefore, if you’re dealing with the challenges of an aging roof, call us at Stripes Roofing and experience our quality roof replacement services in Falls Church, VA.


A roofing company you can trust in. They're reliable, experienced, and professional. I called them to check a leak from my valley, and it took them half an hour to assess the situation, the extent of damage, and the appropriate solution. They left my roof in perfect condition. I highly recommend their services!

Our commercial store's roof started leaking last month, and so we had to call in a roofer to fix the issue. A quick search on Yelp led us to Stripes Roofing, and true to the reviews, they were quick, efficient, and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their roof repaired.

I recently bought a house in Falls Church, and even though the roof wasn't leaking, I just felt it was too old. I got in touch with them for a roof replacement, and they confirmed my thoughts on the state of the roof. They gave me a reasonable price and did a great job.

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