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Roofing Company Reston Va

When making decisions about your roof for your home or other properties, it is important to choose someone with experience and knowledge since it is one of the fundamental components of construction, whether residential or commercial property , or any other type. In addition, since it shelters you from bad weather and, when placed correctly, it will bring comfort and safety to the people who live or use the property. And for over a decade, Reston, VA residents, and property owners have had the best option with Stripes Roofing Services.

Our specialty is GAF Asphalt Shingle Roofs and TPO Flat Roofs. We make sure to use only quality materials that, along with our qualified team, guarantees an excellent roofing service and end results. Among the services we offer are: new installations, roofing repairs, and replacements among other services. Regardless of the job size, our team is here to help and bring solutions to your roofing needs.

Our process is simple. You just need to book a free 15-minute phone consultation to talk to one of our roofing specialists so that we can start the process. Customer service is key to us to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is always willing to answer any questions you have and make sure you feel comfortable and know what's going on on your property. Plus, we offer financing options, so you get the protection you need and have a safe and comfortable roof to protect you now and in the future.

Roof Repair Reston Va

Roof Repair Reston Va

Roof Repair in Reston Va are part of your roof’s life since it has to bear the passing of time and weather conditions, like the rainy months in Reston. So you need to check its condition from time to time, to ensure everything is working correctly and there is no visible or not visible damage. If you don’t do it, the consequences can be expensive and uncomfortable in the long run, like a partial or full replacement.

In Stripes Services, we make sure to give your roof a thorough inspection to make sure to get any present repairs or potential problems over time. Regardless of the repair size, our team brings their expertise, and we make sure to leave your roof in perfect condition so you can enjoy a safe home every season.

Roof Replacement Reston Va

Roof Replacement Reston Va

It comes a time in your roof life span that replacements are inevitable, either partial or total replacements are necessary at some point. It could be an overlooked minor repair not fixed on time or unexpected extreme weather conditions ending in roof replacement. Roof Replacements can be expensive and need to be done carefully and on time. That is why Stripes Roofing is the choice for roofing replacement.

Our team is here to bring affordable solutions to give your property the quality work it deserves. In addition, we offer custom-made solutions when it comes to replacing your roof. So don’t worry if it's a partial or complete roof replacement; we’re here to give you a safe and comfortable place to live or work.


We hired Stripes Roofing to replace our 10+ roofs, and they did a fantastic job. I'm happy knowing our home is safe, and it also looks so beautiful. We definitely recommend them if you live in Reston, VA. They are professional and knowledgeable

We just moved into the family house we just bought. The roof needed some repairs, and Stripes Roofing did a fantastic job. They worked promptly and were so kind to explain the process and help us with the insurance claims. We'll use their services in the future for sure. Their customer service is unbeatable

Great quality, great craftsmanship, and excellent results, everything you could expect from a great company. It delivers 5-star results

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